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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Our fees are usually paid by the building owner, so you will be able to work with one of our experienced
brokers at no cost to you. Of course, you could always do the work yourself, but when you can
hire an expert for nothing, most people agree that it makes a lot of sense to do that.

Q: Is a retainer required?

A: No. A good broker will ask you to sign a representation agreement since a broker is only paid when a lease is
completed. Your broker will be better able to dedicate his time to your assignment if he knows you are committed
to working with him. Contact us using the email form below for a free, no-obligation, telephone consultation.

Q: What is an NNN lease?

A: An NNN lease is commonly used with freestanding buildings, as well as retail or industrial properties. The
tenant will pay for all of the services, taxes, and insurance - plus any maintenance to the roof, foundations,
sidewalks and all building systems. These costs need to be taken into account when leasing
commercial property, in order for the overall occupancy costs to be calculated.

Q: What is a full service lease?

A: A full-service lease is also called a gross lease, and it is usually utilized in office building leases; it
indicates that the asking rate includes all the building services, which typically include utilities
and janitorial; property taxes; insurance; and common-area maintenance.

Q: How do I compare an NNN lease with a full-service lease?

A: Full-service leases make it easy to calculate your cost of occupancy because it includes everything
necessary to do so. An NNN lease is only the rent alone - with no additional expenses factored into the
equation. Your broker can give you a guideline of the expenses to occupy the space, from the common-area
charges, to utilities. By adding in these expenses, you can then compare each lease and find the best value
for your company. Contact us using the email form below for a free, no-obligation, telephone consultation.

Q: How much time do we need to find the right space and move in?

A: You should begin the relocation process early, because typically, you will be conducting business as usual
during the process. You should begin your relocation efforts four to eight months before your actual
move-in date. By planning well in advance, time will be your ally - not your enemy.

Q: Can the relocation process be done more quickly?

A: Absolutely. We recently did one in just a few days' time. Rapid relocation is always feasible, but your
choices are much more limited and space cannot be built out for you if there is not enough
time to do so. However, a smaller space requires less overall time than a large one.

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