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  • We are located at One Executive
    Center, 8500 Menaul Blvd NE Suite
    B-550, Albuquerque, NM 87112.
  • call: 505-332-0522 | Fax: 505-332-0550

About Hanna Commercial, LLC

Management Team

Richard Hanna: Richard owns Hanna Commercial, LLC and has completed hundreds of leases over the years. As a top broker, he was awarded Realtor of the Year by the Commercial Association of Realtors in New Mexico in 2005. Richard has the experience and expertise it takes to negotiate commercial leases. You can contact him at Richard’s Email – or call him at 505-332-0522. R Hanna, Founder Hanna Commercial LLC
Richard Hanna Receives “Realtor of the Year” Award

Kris McNair: Having been a pastry chef for twenty years, Kris McNair decided to pursue her long-term interest in real estate. So three years ago she decided to switch career paths and take classes to become a licensed real estate agent. Specializing in the Albuquerque commercial real estate market, Kris is now a licensed realtor and assistant to Richard Hanna at Hanna Commercial, LLC.

Kris believes in “going the extra mile” for her clients and this is proven by her success in the Albuquerque real estate industry. Just ask any of her past clients how they would describe Kris and you’ll hear comments about her honesty, her abilities and her service-oriented way of doing business.

Married with two sons, Kris grew up in Dallas but moved to New Mexico to be near her husband’s family. Like her father, Kris has always had a desire to learn more about all kinds of things. This characteristic has helped her provide top-notch service to her real estate clients. Kris believes it is important to give each person the service they need at a decent price. In fact, Kris describes herself as honest and tactful while telling it like it is. This is the kind of person you want helping you buy or sell your commercial property – someone that will share her feelings and ideas honestly.

For help with buying or selling your Albuquerque commercial property, give Kris a call and let her show you how easy it can be done!


Our mission is to profitably support our customer’s vision for an effective location at which to do business.


Our customers have ranged from very small companies (leased 5 square feet) to Fortune 500 companies. From businesses than needed office space to warehouses and retail. Clients include:

Heritage Home Healthcare
Allstate Insurance
Alethia Mortgage Group
Western Wireless
Drive Train
SW Firebird
Walgreens – and a long list of others.